Free will: The ability of conscious agents to be free to make their own decisions, free of any social, moral or political constraints.


philographics-free-will From Philographics by Genís Carreras

There’s been a lot of interest in reviving Stoic philosophy recently, particularly the therapeutic aspects of it. I’m skeptical about this, as in my view philosophy is primarily the attempt to understand, and as such is an activity of enquiry. There’s no guarantee that discovering how things are will benefit us psychologically: it might in fact make things much worse. As Friedrich Nietzsche pointed out, it might not even be possible to confront the deeper truths of reality head-on. That would make human existence unbearable. What do you think?

Hedonism: The ethical position that pleasure is the ultimate goal and greatest good, and should be the central aim of all decisions made.


philographics-hedonism From Philographics by Genís Carreras